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Experience a fresh approach that's focused on collaboration, communication and community. You matter, we care.

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On offer are a variety of free and low fee funding and withdrawal options. Nobody likes fees and we try to keep them as low as possible. Fund your account within hours, not days.

crypto currency trading

Trade Bitcoin on our order book with ease, or use ezAlts for instant access to over 50 Altcoins and almost 200 pairings. In the coming months we will make full Altcoin order books available, as well as iOS and Android Apps.

Bitcoin funding requests are automatically credited after 2 confirmations.

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Verification takes an average of 12 hours. Our highly trained and industry leading compliance team keeps us all safe. We have strict KYC, AML and other security procedures - yet can offer a flexible service as we process your verification manually and work hard to ensure all legitimate applications get approved.

What makes us different?


We work with compliant partners to complete your payments and are always looking to improve, speak your mind... we're listening

strong security

Protection against DDoS attacks, offline storage of sensitive files and cutting edge intellectul property to protect you and your coins.

proudly canadian

We are 100% Canadian owned. Your support helps us continue to push forward new ideas and help Canada continue to be leaders in worldwide innovation.

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