Anti Money Laundering Policy

ezBtc has developed an anti-money laundering policy to ensure we adhere to compliance requirements and maintain a safe platform to trade.

AML and Terrorrist Financing Deterrence

ezBtc has chosen to implement and maintain a comprehensive compliance regime which includes:

- The appointment of a Chief Compliance Officer.
- Strict adherence to our policies and procedures company wide.
- Ensuring when completing our verification that a thorough KYC (Know Your Customer) procedure is completed.
- Thorough procedure assessing our risks as it relates to money laundering and terrorist financing.
- Continually monitoring trades, funding, withdrawal and other transactions for suspicious activity.

We also ensure all employees are kept up to date and well versed in our AML procedures and prepared to help safeguard ezBtc and our members by monitoring for suspicious activity as part of their daily duties.

Ongoing checks of member relationships

Member relationships are defined as any person or corporate that has willfully joined our platform. These checks occur randomly and at least once annually.
During the checks we:

- Re-confirm the identity of the member, or in the event of a corporate account ensure the entity is valid and current.
- Complete a risk assessment
- Review account history


If necessary we may require our clients to provide additional documentation or information to confirm source of funds or the purpose of the transaction. We may also amend their risk rating if the need arises.

Our compliance staff will review any transactions that trigger an alert and determine if the transactions are within the clients stated activity before being released or completed.
We have the right to at any time hold funds, defined as dollars, bitcoin, or altcoins until we are satisfied the funds are from a legitimate source.

In some cases, ezBtc will require additional information such as the client's source of income, proof of employment, nature of the client's business, as well as review the client's transaction history.

Verification and KYC Procedures

We use a manual verification system and do thorough background checks before allowing a member to join our platform.

Members are required to submit proof of address, proof of banking, proof of identity, including government issued photo ID as well as a selfie holding the same ID.

The document may be amended at any time. Please be sure to check back frequently for updated information.